🖐️ FREE home sizing kit with every order!

Sizing Kit

Sizing Kit

When ordering the free sizing kit you’ll receive a range of plastic sizers great for getting your size narrowed down.

With every purchase we’ll also send our premium metal sizers that are manufactured in house to fit just like all of our rings, so you’ll know you have a perfect fit.

Your kit will ship in 2-3 days and has everything you need to find your perfect fit.

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  • Aluminum
    Lightweight, hypoallergenic, and comfortable, so you can wear your sizer all day and make sure it’s the right fit for you. Aluminum is also infinitely recyclable!


    The FREE Size-From-Home-Kit

    1. Select your estimated size.

    2. We'll send you a range of real metal rings to try on to ensure the perfect fit.

    3. Once you've decided on your size, follow the instruction (included in packaging) to confirm with us and then we'll begin crafting your ring.