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The Easiest Sizing Process

  • 1 - Select Your Kit

    When purchasing your ring, you’ll select your free sizing kit. Because your ring is made for you, we don’t start until we know your exact size. Don’t worry, this won’t slow down the process.

  • 2 - Size From Home

    Each kit contains a range of real rings that will fit exactly like your finished Emblem. Follow the simple instructions to find your perfect fit.

  • 3 - Put us to Work

    Text us to confirm your size and we’ll get started handcrafting your Emblem.

1 - Try it On

Try on the sizers until you find one that feels comfortably snug, but not too tight, just below your knuckle. We recommend wearing your favorite sizer for at least 30 minutes.

Remember that if you’re not used to wearing rings, everything will feel too tight at first. After a week or two you won’t even notice it.

2 - Nail the Fit

You can check for proper fit by slightly bending your knuckle and twisting as you take the sizer off. If the ring meets significant resistance on your skin, it’s too small. If the ring slides right off with no resistance, it’s too big.

If you can’t decide between two sizes, great news, we can make your ring in a quarter size.

3 - Let us Know

Because your Emblem is made to order specially for you, we won’t get started crafting until we know you have the perfect fit. Found your perfect fit? Text us with your size and order confirmation number and we'll get started handcrafting your ring.

Finger Factors

Temperature can affect the fit of your ring. When cold, your fingers will shrink, when warm they’ll expand slightly. For the best fit, be sure to bring your hands to room temperature.

Alcohol and spicy or salty foods can affect the fit of your ring.

Still have questions, or didn't find your size?
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