Inspired by You

Welcome to Emblem. We make rings inspired by Sunday morning pancakes, big time butterflies and the little moments you never want to forget- because your love is worth celebrating.


Getting married is stressful enough. We believe your ring shopping experience should be as easy as possible. Emblem is your personal manufacturer and if you need it, we can make it.


Whether you buy a pre-designed ring, or design with us to create something completely new, your ring will be crafted by hand just for you. We don’t make it until you order it and go above and beyond to provide you with a personalized experience.


We’re real people who work with real materials. Our dedication to quality means your Emblem is built to last and is made by human hands. Who wants a fake meteorite ring, anyways?


Your ring should mean more; it’s an emblem of you and your relationship. From simple customizations to working with materials from your own collection, we’re ready to get as unique as you’d like. We’ll even take you along for the manufacturing journey in our shop with our Sneak Peek program

We’re just getting started