All Things Wedding Rings

Landing on the right material is probably the most important part of choosing a mens wedding band. Thankfully, the options aren’t so varied that you’ll spend months overthinking it, with most mens wedding rings coming in one of the following metals: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and stainless steel. That’s joined by a growing list of alternative metals like tungsten and zirconium, which are gaining in popularity. Okay, so maybe you have a lot of options after all.
As you’re likely to know, rings offer all sorts of various widths, and mens wedding rings are no exception. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll boil width down to slim (4mm), medium (6mm) or wide (8mm) styles. That is, do you want a slimmer ring, a medium width ring, or a wider ring? Before answering, you should be aware that most men choose bands that are at least 4mm wide, that wider rings typically cost more, and that larger or longer fingers generally go better with wider rings. Of course, ultimately it’s up to you what looks best on your finger, and you’ll definitely want to try on a few rings of various widths to see how they look and feel. If you already know the width you want, and feel like buying your ring online, Mens Rings Online makes the process supremely easy. Simply peruse their catalogue and use the filter at the top to find the width you’re looking for. The site also offers a 60 day change of mind guarantee, just in case you discover that maybe a slimmer or wider band was the way to go.

Choosing a mens wedding ring might be less difficult than choosing an engagement ring, but it can still be pretty darn difficult, especially if you’re a man of style. That’s not just because mens wedding bands come in all prices, shapes, widths and materials, but furthermore because it’s one piece of jewelry that you’ll be ideally rocking for life. And while we can’t necessarily dispense advice on mens wedding ring recommendations (you know, because we don’t know you), we can offer a general guide on where to buy a mens wedding ring, hopefully sending you down the right path. Hence, please read on for everything there is to know about buying a mens wedding ring, written in partnership with Our Company. Oh, and by the way, congrats on your engagement! You are getting married, right? Right? Hello?